Through spaces and sound, Jaime Fiorito assembles around him a universe of intertwining musical lines which carry a point of intersection, a fluid inspiration that comes mostly from travels, moments of musical flow and cultural connections. Born along the road, this melodious ode to traveling about meeting people and places, he follows his musical journey through sophisticated rhythms and hypnotic grooves.

Bridging the gap between traditional night club parties & cultural gatherings, Jaime crafted his own path — an interesting reflection of his own anthropological symphony — that he uses to connect with a multicultural scene. 

Deeply rooted in the power of community and focussed on building cultural connections, the agile & fluid movements he creates through multiple musical inspirations. Mixing between downtempo, disco, house, deep house & techno — knows no boundaries and are the catalysts he uses to structure and connect. 

Normal and commun are unfamiliar as he immerses his audience to his own music culture, supported by the triptych of equality, adaptability and unrestrained discovery that is linked to his being. Being rhythmically grounded is defined by the wilds of intemperance — therefore rationality is not to be given more respect than exhilarated enchantment.